A bit about me ...

I was born in England and as a small child I enjoyed reading, writing and collecting things from nature, (snails, earthworms and tadpoles were my favourites).


My family migrated to Australia when I was eight and I was raised in the northern suburbs of Perth. My love of nature and stories continued so I studied botany and journalism, with an aim to get a job doing something I loved. But, as often happens in life, I landed a sensible government position, and lost sight of the original plan.


I moved to Sydney, met my husband and several years later, as I read to my two small children, I realized something amazing ...


I had motorbiked across Australia, backpacked through Europe and explored South East Asia, but the most exciting adventures of all, had taken place within a children’s book.


I finally knew what I wanted to do - write fantastic stories for children to love !


Darcy Moon and the deep-fried frogs is my first children's book, and I hope to write many more.


I currently live in Singapore with my husband, two children and pet turtles.  Sometimes, I talk to the turtles, but thankfully, they don’t talk back.


When I am not writing, I am reading or having fun with my family. I also enjoy holidays, walking and food.